Tuesday, April 17, 2007

cuff bracelet designs

i'm designing a bracelet for a 30th anniversary gift for a client. currently, i'm on a flower kick, and i asked him if there are any flowers that she is attracted to. well, much to my surprise, she paints flowers!

we first discussed a type of a charm bracelet with different flowers hanging, but decided upon a cuff bracelet with a relief carving of one of her paintings (her favorite painting.) so, this is the current idea, and i'm just waiting for the go-ahead!

the relief will be fairly low, to keep from snagging on the fabric of clothing. the 3 main flowers will be carved separately from the rest of the bracelt, to create (1) higher points (2) negative space under the flower petals (3) allow me to create a texture under each flower.

after the cuff is cast and polished the 3 flowers will be soldered to the piece.

1 comment:

Sal Darji said...

That looks great. I always like your interpretations of other people's work. That ring you designed after the vase was really amazing.

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