Monday, June 04, 2007

asymm ring wax

Okay... still plugging along on this ring. Honestly, it looks sooo simple, but this has taken me the longest out of all of my engagement rings!!!

I SHOULD LEARN CAD (I have Rhino... but haven't even touched it yet!!! UGHHH!)

Anywhoo... Here is the wax. Just waiting for approval. Waiting to be cast!

After I had finished making the 3 stone head, I remembered a few things...

1. A square stone is the hardest stone to set (well, there is also extra ugly super fancy cut stones with even more points, but I don't even like including that into the equation!) The reason being is the points (corners.) Even though it is a diamond and super hard, you still have to worry about breakage. And you need enough materials around to protect the points of the stone by creating pockets around the points in the metal.

2. With needing to get the levels of the stones properly, all parallel, etc, I decided to contact a master stone setter about requirements for it. And the main thing he had to say was to leave 1-1.5mm of metal all the way around the stones. Ugh. So, I had to add material ALL THE WAY AROUND WHAT I HAD ALREADY BUILT!

Soooooo... You can only work with wax so much, before it starts to get wonkie (that's a technical term.) And because of that... after I built out the walls I cleaned it up as much as possible and now I'm going to get it cast. All of the edges, angled and corners sharpened best in the metal.

Also... the stone setter will set all of the stones as close to the center as possible, so then I can remove any extra material around it to lighten the overall look.

It's coming along... but try to look past all the different colors of the wax. It's going to look sooo sweet in the gold!

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