Thursday, May 31, 2007

class reunion...

i have to laugh... i skipped my highschool class reunion, but yet i'm going to accompany sal to his this weekend. and when i say weekend... i mean ALL WEEKEND, it's a 2 or 3 day event! but i'm sure we'll have a delightful time.

knowing that this is (1) a private boarding school and (2) wealthy kids went there and (3) that means some of them are wealthy adults and (4) it's not just sal's class, but EVERY class that's on the 5 year mark... i have concluded that there will be wealthy (and hopefully somewhat inebriated) people everywhere I AM WEARING MY MOST EXPENSIVE JEWELRY AND BRINGING A PILE OF BUSINESS CARDS.

because, let's be honest here, what is the likelihood that there will be another custom jeweler there? i plan on being the novelty item :)

so, there won't be any posts till the beginning of next week. but i hope to include at least one photo of a girl named buffy or something of the like (it's my quest for the weekend!)

beyond that... i've been BUSTING my a$$ on a few different things...

1. the a-sym 3 square diamond engagement ring. it looks simple... but it's a BITCH! (pardon my language) i finally got the damn angles correct. but i decided not to tempt fate, so i decided to contact my stone setter i use for special jobs like this... he told me to make the walls thicker (because better safe than sorry.) so, i need to put another couple of hours into it. but soon it will be done!

2. baby spoon

3. the designs for a new ring

still just plugging away!!!

okay all... have a great weekend and peek back on monday!

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Sal Darji said...

my spoon is too big!

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