Friday, May 18, 2007

... or maybe they won't come :(

So… last night was the NBSS fundraiser. It was held at Trinity Church… in their very modern function room, not in the chapel…that makes sense, but was rather disappointing. But I got there early to set up the jewelry display cases; about 10 jewelers were showing… but it was difficult to figure out the best way to display everything on poker table green felt, but you play the hand that you are dealt… hehehe.

Anyway, there was a wonderful turnout, over 300 people. Amazing work displayed (the books and woodworking and violins)… a string quartet played (alumni playing their handmade instruments)… lots of wine and little fancy-schmancy hors d’oeuvres. Your usually fundraiser type of night.

Now, I have to say, I’m so glad that I have friends (and a few fans) at that school… because they kept sending people my way… looking for my flowers. I even had a client (who bought a bracelet and earrings from me last year) pointing to her jewelry then pointing at me.

So, there pointing and oohing and ahhing… and a little pawing, but all of the word of mouth marketing didn’t make the people pull out the checkbooks. I got lots of compliments… some people took cards… but no takers on any of the jewelry.

I did get a nice compliment from another jeweler… a jeweler that doesn’t toss out compliments very easily, but she had a few drinks in her, so she snuck one in. Basically (as she swayed a bit) said the only way to survive in this market is two things… one, have designs like no other (and she pointed to my two pieces) and, two, well made pieces. Then, she staggered away. I think that was the nicest thing she ever said to me. Hahahaha.

So… I’ll let you be the judge of the jewelry. They aren’t great photos (just quickie pix) but you’ll get the idea.

The pendant will be moving to a friends shop in Sudbury and the earrings… well, the earrings are another story. The hang beautifully, but they are heavy (they aren’t made for clubbing… more of a socialite at dinner.) So, if there is no interest in them, well, I have a few options… make them into a couple of broaches… maybe pendants… or dismantle them and make them into a few pieces of jewelry. But I’ll let them live in their current form for the moment.

Oh... and here is a fun photo of the dogwood flower living in it's tree... hehehe.


NR said...


I think your pieces are lovely. I work for a television show and we're constantly looking for even the smallest things that will help our show stand out. Right down to how we dress our characters. Do you have a catalog/website/showroom? (maybe it's on this site, I just haven't searched it).
As a creative consultant, I'm constantly traveling in case you do have a showroom in the vicinity (West Coast, Northeast/New England, mainly).
Beautiful work.

tracey said...


Thanks for the compliments!

If you are looking how to get in touch with me, go to the website and go to the contact us section.

Thanks so much for your interest!

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