Friday, May 11, 2007

...if you build it, they will come...

Okay, so we all know that line from FIELD OF DREAMS, but I decided to apply it to my life. I have recently sunk WAY TOO MUCH MONEY into building a few pieces of jewelry for a fundraiser for NBSS.

A great deal of my time in Paris was spent working on my own designs, not pieces for any specific clients. And the fundraiser is usually a great time to get feedback from potential clients. Now, to set myself apart from the other jewelers, I had to try something different.

It's time I step my game up a bit.

I decided to build 2 of my designs... a pair of dogwood branch hoop earrings with dogwood flowers in 18k palladium white gold with fancy colored diamonds and a calla lily pendant in 18k palladium white gold with bead set white diamonds and a 1.1 carat champagne colored diamond briolette on a hand made chain. Don't worry, when they are finished (at this rate, probably the day of the show) I'll take lots of photos.

Now, this is my dilemma, I dug myself into the black pit of credit card debt for this... did I do the right thing? I can't help but be leery about the whole situation. If nothing sells OR if I don't get any new custom work of it... I basically screwed myself.

WELL... I am attempting to remain calm about it. I decided that the only way I will get new clients is by putting myself on the line (financially mostly, but also mentally.) I just have to keep repeating 'if I build it, they will come' (I really need a new mantra... leave a comment if you have any suggestions.) If I believe it, and stay positive... it will work out.

And I'll just pray to my Goddess of Necessity while I'm at it too... she's a story for another time!!!

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Dents said...

"If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.
- Marty McFly, Back to the Future, 1985

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