Monday, May 21, 2007

cosine wave ring...

okay... the photo is stinky. i am going to try to shoot it again tomorrow... maybe on black? it looks sooooo good in person. but of the high polish... and the crazy domed and concave surfaces... it's reflecting EVERYTHING! this is taken with natural light... but with a paper almost completely covering it to cut down on the reflective surfaces. but by doing that, it cuts down on the light.

i tried my light box... but it is too large for this little piece. i really really really want to get a better photo than this.

but it is 14K palladium white gold with an 8mm lab created sapphire and 12 1.5mm cubic zirconia. this ring is for my client that is a self proclaimed lab geek and liked the ideas of lab created stones.

on a side note... i got chinese food (i know, i know... healthy... leave me alone!) and this is my fortune...

'Our preception and attitude toward any situation will determine the outcome.'

see... this is like my mantra... 'if you build it, they will come'


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