Wednesday, May 23, 2007


So... just the other day I was having a conversation with my dear friend Whitney (another jeweler) discussing rejection... rejection letters, to be specific. Well, the theory she was sharing with me for every rejection letter you receive, you are one step closer to an acceptance letter.

Well, how apropos that I received a letter of rejection today! I had submitted one piece to the MFA Summer Party Silent Auction Fundraiser (each artist was allowed only one submission... only one jpg image) and they rejected me!!! The letter simply stated... thank you for your submission, better luck next year, and (by the way) you can buy some tickets to it... hope to see you there!!! HAHAHAHA!

It's okay, I'm not crushed by it. But just disappointing timing after the NBSS fundraiser last week and the lack of true interest in my pieces. But I will pick myself up... drag myself to my shop... and keep working like a mad woman. Because, as per Whitney's theory, I am one step closer to being accepted. Only time will tell! So I will start my rejected file and keep you all posted.

BUT this reminds me of something Sal had shared with me before... and I laugh my a$$ off EVERY time I see it!!! It is a short animation by Don Hertzfeldt called Rejected (you can buy it here.) Seeing it is copyrighted, the only place I could find it (to share with all of you) is on some random chicks myspace page (no sign in required.) So, view it before it disappears! I guarantee you a good laugh!

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