Saturday, May 19, 2007

long day working...

I'm back at the bench... working my tooshie off.

Just finished this dogwood flower (yup, still on the flower kick) that is somewhat of a 'keep sake' gift for a 50th anniversary. The branch is bronze and the flower is sterling silver.

Now... this took me about 8 hours today. I know it doesn't look like much yet... but it's all in the angles.

This is the metal model for the 3 stone champagne diamonds A-symm ring. But to get all of the angles correct, well, it's a pain in the a$$. To make square bezels you first have to cut a pattern out of silver sheet, move it into a cone shape and solder the seam closed. Next, you put it in a round tapered bezel punch, which forces it into a 70 degree angle for the tapered bezel. Then you anneal it and put it in the square tapered bezel punch.

Now... I want the 1 carat stone bezel to be the center of the design, that means the other two bezels have to grow out of the same base. If they are both made at the same 70 degree angle, then the angles change when you solder them together.

Needless to say... it's just lots of work.

But the issue is by changing those angles, it thins some areas out a great deal. So, instead of just filling areas with flowing bunches of solder (which usually does more damage than good... I always tell my students that solder does not fill gaps!!!) I am going to have a rubber mold made of the head, then shoot a few waxes. I will then fix the angles and thickness of the walls in the wax.

Also, because I'm working with diamonds, I can actually take my wax pen and put it on top of each diamond and sink it into the wax. By doing that, I can make a seat for my diamonds, which will make sure everything will be in order for setting them.

Okay... I'm just rambling now. I think I'm done working for the day!!!

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