Wednesday, January 09, 2008

my angry squirrel...

I have an angry squirrel... he lives in the tree in the back of the house.

Now, you may wonder what makes him such an angry squirrel... well, I'll tell you. I had seen him around... he stole a pumpkin off my deck (it was just a little one... but it was amazing to see him run with it sticking out of his mouth!)... or sunning himself on the railing. But one day I pulled into the drive way... and I heard this horrible screeching noise.

I kept looking around to see if there was a cat in heat or something... but what I found was my angry squirrel. He was sitting on the corner of my deck... all 3 flights up... glaring at me... screaming! I don't know why! I didn't know that squirrels made that much noise!

A couple days later, I saw that he shredded our trash bags to get at some nut shells, so I guessed he may be hungry. Well, if I would burn some toast, I'd leave it out on the deck for him (again... it's so funny to see him running with something huge sticking out of his mouth!) or some stale bread, etc. Just thought I was being kind.

Well, I guess not! Because yesterday I was shooting my new line of jewelry in my new photo box (I'll tell you about the new photo box later) on the picnic table out on the back deck... and I heard the screeching again. He was sitting in the tree, glaring at me!

Evil Squirrel!

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