Tuesday, January 15, 2008

wedding jewelry

Last year I had made this engagement ring...

So, I met with this client and her mother recently to discuss matching wedding jewelry. They have a few different family diamond rings that they want to use...

... a grandmothers ring, with approx. 95point (just under a carat) I1 diamond with 6 little single cuts (an old cut that is no longer done.)

... the wedding bands (this is called a jacket, because it fits around the engagement ring) that match the engagement ring (a few stones missing) with SI2 diamonds.

... And another grandmothers band that has SI1/2 diamonds.

We want to match the style of the engagement ring... AND they want to use all the diamonds. This is my solution...

A 16" chain with a pendant matching the setting on the engagement ring... we would bezel set the large diamond in the center surrounding it with the diamonds from the wedding band (the jacket.) Then 1" from either side of the pendant will be a bezel set diamond from the wedding band... then another bezel set diamond around 1.5 inches up the chain.

You following my thoughts?

THEN we'll do a matching pair of earrings. A simple rondel with a bezel set diamond from the wedding band (we'll need to buy 1 to match) and we will flush set the little single cut diamonds around the rondel.

I'll keep you posted on what we come up with for the wedding bands!!!

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