Saturday, January 05, 2008


I understand money is tight for everybody right now... we are on the verge of an economic slow down. Possibly a recession. Who knows. But why do people want to cheap out on engagement rings? I'm not saying somebody has to spend ten thousand dollars on a ring (I have made them for lots less)... but if the wedding cake costs over $600 and the dress $2k, what is so wrong with spending a few extra bucks on a custom made ring that will last generations? That is my question I pose to you!

I was approached by a potential client who had a $600 budget for an engagement ring... I usually don't take on engagement rings under 1k, but in these times of retail slowdown, beggars cannot be choosers. So, I have spent hours researching trying to find a way to make this work for them.

I came up with a plan... a stock 14K setting (not custom) but with a 4.5mm Square center Moissanite with 3.5 square lab created rubies flaking it. It came to $650. I thought that was pretty damn good! But they found a used setting with drill bit quality diamonds in it for $300. That is fine. I have NO issues with that! As long as each client finds what they are looking for in this world, I can only be happy for them.

BUT (and there always is a but) they wanted to know if I could replace the diamonds with lab rubies and Moissanite and BUY the diamonds off of them. NO! NO NO NO!

I know I sound like a child having a tantrum... but I will tell you why I am saying no.

1. I don't use low quality diamonds... so I would never buy them.
2. I have no clue what this quality this setting is... and to set new stones in there could possibly mean that I will have repair or replace prongs. AND if they have been repaired before... there will be random solder joints in there... so I would be adding in more solder joints. AND the whole things will need to be repolished. AND most likely, it will need to be rhodium plated.
3. They would probably be annoyed because in the end, it would most likely cost over $500 to buy the stones, set them, do any repairs or replacements, AND refinishing!

SO... this is the moral to the story...

Shop around! Get lots of prices for lots of different people! BUT in the end, get some information before you make a quick decision to save money. Because sometimes when you try to save a dollar, it may cost you a great deal more to turn it into what you were originally looking for.

Well... on a lighter note... I have 2 client meetings this coming week... so hopefully there will be sketches posted soon!!!

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