Monday, May 12, 2008

New Sketch...

Just a possible new take on a classic solitaire engagement ring...

Instead of a normal taper to a traditional 'Tiffany' head, this has more of the look of a bloom holding the diamond. Also, the head is rotated from the traditional setting (the prongs sit NSEW instead of NE SE NW SW.) The prongs would be square and flow into the triangular profile of the band.

Then we could do an optional 'jacket' for the ring to add a little more bling to the band ;)

This ring was already nixed by the client (as most starting designs, so elements will carry on to the final design) but I'm thinking I may still make this ring. I may start making all the designs that I really like... and have a series of models that clients (who aren't fully sold on the idea of custom work) can choose from. But still in the thinking phase!

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