Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Balancing act...

I'm still attempting to come up with a design to compliment the Calla Lily Engagement ring. The problem I am running into is making the ring too far out of the box. While I could make some crazy bizarre/fabulous piece of jewelry, I don't want it to be so crazy that it looks dated in a few years. My fear is to make something that is reminiscent of the bold 80's jewelry. Come on, you know what I'm talking about.

So I'm trying to find the balance between funk and classic. It's an interesting problem.

Right now I'm at the point of attempting to find something that can wrap around the finger (like the calla lily.) I'm thinking maybe we can do it with possibly a branch pattern (similar to my twig bangle bracelet)...

I am also interested in the idea of wrapping text around the ring. I like possibly using text as a pattern. And I found a great quote that could be fun for a wedding band... 'iosvi de drverie ne me dvne mie' which is latin for 'I am a token of love do not give me away.'

So, here are a few new quick sketches!

As a side note, my sketches/designs are not the only place I am attempting to find balance. My life has just been crazy lately. I decided it's time that I start becoming more picky about jobs. While I love all of my clients, and wish I could make something beautiful for everybody, I can't afford to keep taking every job that comes my way (no matter how small.)

After doing my books from last year, I realized I lost money on a great deal of jobs because I just really wanted to help people out. And while I think having something amazingly beautiful should not just be for the rich, I also can't keep making jewelry for cost just because I like people. Unfortunately, if doesn't put bread on the table.

So, for the moment I picked up a freelance job with Urban Outfitters as a Visual Artist. Basically, it means that I'm building displays. It's not easy work, but I'm having a blast working in a wood shop again. Plus I'm painting, silk screening, hanging off of 12 foot ladders, etc. It's like being back in art school ;) It's just exhausting.

Now I am just attempting to find the balance between my 2 jobs. I just want to find a way to keep everybody happy around me!

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