Friday, March 12, 2010

Just call me Godmother...

My sister asked me to be Godmother to my nephew, Logan. How could I say no? While I am not a practicing Catholic (to put it lightly) I could not pass up being 'The Godmother.'

When is the Christening, you may ask? Eh... Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesday. Okay, fine, it's Sunday. And I had to make something special for my Godson... so I teamed up with a dear friend and talented woodworker, Steve Hanlon, to make a nice hanging cross. While this didn't quite utilize his amazing skills, it is still a beautiful piece!

The base of the cross is 7"x 4" and made from Rose Wood. Then I made a second Sterling Silver cross (5"x 3") and added a cut out swirly vine pattern and affixed it to the front. It is simple, but I think quite attractive.

Now, I haven't really been Catholic in years (Just when I thought I was out, the pull me back in!) but I am thrilled to do this for my nephew. And while I may not be the best spiritual guide in his Catholic upbringing, I promise to always have his back if he has to go to the mattresses ;)

Okay! No more! Just couldn't help myself!

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