Thursday, March 04, 2010

Old, worn & comfortable...

It is strange, but in the past week I have had 2 grooms-to-be tell me how somebody in their family had an amazing ring that was so worn and comfortable. And both of these clients want me to adjust their rings to reflect those wonderful broken-in soft edges.

While one ring is simply a mass manufactured band that the client wants both the inside and outside edges buffed down, the other is to be fabricated with that old feel. As he put it, he's looking for a ring that 'has tumbled around in the ocean for a few hundred years.' Great description.

The style will be a hybrid of a simple half round wedding band and a signet ring. The main difference is that a signet ring has a taper to width of the band (which this one will not) and can sometimes be rather tall, which this one will not be. And most importantly, it will not have any sharp edges.

I found a great example of an estate signet ring that has those wonderful soft/rounded edges...

While it is oval and tapered, it gives you a good idea of what we're looking to accomplish. With that in mind, this is what we have come up with so far...

Beauty is wonderful... but comfort is king.

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