Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Our next stop in Belgium was Antwerp. We arrived late afternoon and hopped a trolly to our B&B in the eastern part of the city. From there we decided that we knew how the trolly system worked, so Sal and I hopped the 10 line and thought we would stay on till the last stop (near the water.) So, we got on near our B&B... passed the central train station... passed a few other stops... passed the central train station again, but now on the opposite side of the train... OOPS! We thought because we were traveling to the end of the line, it would stop... nope... we still have no clue where the end of the line was!!!

Anyway, we jumped off the trolly at some point, and by this time it was evening. And this is what we came across...It was LOVELY! It had been raining on and off all even, so it created this wonderful shimmering glow about the city in the night lights. We found a fun little medieval restaurant for dinner, De Grootte Ganz. It was in an old brick and stone storage cellar, that is now a restaurant. There was no heat (only roaring fireplace), no lights (just candles everywhere), and the poor waiters wore knickers and vests... hehehe. But the food was great! Here is Sal by candle light...Our second day there it rained... and it rained... and rained some more. So, we spent little time walking and more time in cafes and museums and ended our day sitting in Sal's Cafe (really, that was the name!) drinking warm wine. Actually, as Sal took his first sip of the warm wine, which was perfect for such a cold day, and felt guilty for not drinking beer (which I think is the law when you're in Belgium, hehehe.) So he sucked it down, ordered a beer, and seemed much happier for the rest of the night.

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