Thursday, February 22, 2007


Our final stop in Belgium was Bruges. It is a small town that they call 'the Venice of the North.' I'm not too sure if I'd call it that, other than the canals... but it's beautiful none the less.

I was thrilled at the time of year we saw this area because you can tell that it is a HUGE tourist town! After speaking to some of the local shop owners, I found out that most of the town is closed after Christmas, through January. Some shops and the tour boats open again at the beginning of February, and the rest open right after Easter (when the high tourist season begins.) I could not imagine being there during high tourist time... because it was crowded enough at this point!!!

But we avoided lots of the tourist like stuff and just walked. I just love the architecture. And that's what I want to share.

OH! And there are windmills! How could you not love a place with windmills!!!!!

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