Monday, February 19, 2007


Sal and I just got back from our whirlwind tour of Belgium... 3 cities in 5 days... first Brussels, next Antwerp and finishing our adventure in Bruges. We just walked everywhere and saw so much... and so much I want to share... but it would cut into my time for other adventures to tell you about, so I'll keep these updates a bit shorter! Also, for more detailed posts... take a peek at Sal's Blog.

We only got just over 24 hours in Brussels, but we made the most of it. Walking across the city (and getting a little lost along the way), we not only saw the tourist areas but also the back streets and general neighborhoods. We came across a flea market where all of the locals, and refugees, buy, sell and trade their wares. I bought a sterling silver soup ladle (it's heavy) for 5 Euro... that's more my kind of souvenir than the little plastic snow globes.

While walking, and getting hungry, we decided the best way to find a restuarant was to go where the locals eat... not the tourists. We ate lunch at Friteland, where all the teenagers and blue collar workers seemed to gather, and got some random sandwich that they all got. It was a small loaf of french bread, some type of meat (not too sure what kind, but it was good!), with lettuce and tomatoes, completely covered in fries and fry sauce (kind of like Russian Dressing.) It was damn good.

But all of our wanderings lead us to one amazing thing... The Grand Place. It is compared to a wedding cake for its ornamental qualities. Standing in the middle of the plaza, you are just surrounded by this amazing architecture! I attempted to combine all the photos to give the idea of what I saw.

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