Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Well, we all know that I came here in search of inspiration... and I also promised that I would post lots of pretty pictures for you all to see. So I decided that I would share some beautiful pieces of art, details in architecture and things of that nature that you may find inspiration in too. Hope you enjoy!!!

Copper art nouveau flower detail on a dresser.

Floral detail in the center of art nouveau gates.

AMAZING art nouveau chandelier... OOO!

Art nouveau balustrade... how lovely is that!!!

Whimsical bronze of a woman twirling... also in the style of art nouveau.

Just a wonderful little detail of flowers near a foot on a marble sculpture.

Marble and steel... how beautiful! An ornate wall carving of a former train station, now the Orsay museum.
Piece of an art nouveau balcony... OOOOO!

A ball of diamonds... how insane!!!!

Sunflowers... in gems... lots of them... again, INSANE!

There is so much more that I could share... but I'll save a little more for another time.

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