Monday, February 05, 2007

it's all in the details...

We spent a day at Chateau de Versailles... my third time there. But I love going there for the detail work! I am amazed at the sculptures! So, take this for example... some fancy pants royality in white marble... looks nice, huh? But look at the detail work!!!!!
...the under cuts in the crown, the buttons on his clothing...... the natural wave to the hair, the pattern on the clothing, the ruffles to the collar and clothing......the clothing details on the sleve! The puffy shirt! Look at the details in the puffy shirt!
I still cannot figure out how the hell they did it! Honestly! There were no flex shafts or dremmel tools... there was no super glue to hide mistakes... there was no optivisor to give you a closer look at what you were cutting! There was just hammers and chisels and lots of time. Insanity, I tell you!!!

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