Monday, November 05, 2007

Jewelers Building...

So... last week I was at the Jewelers Building running a few errands. I needed to hit the ATM (because lots of the dealers only take cash or check) so I skipped the elevators and jogged down a couple of flights. Well, the stairwell smelled of natural gas. Lovely.

I told the security guard and ran to the ATM. I went back upstairs (I really needed to finish my last errand) and when I was there I told the shop owner that it was smelling like gas in the common areas. She responded with 'Oh... that happens at lease once a week... or the fire alarm is going off.' Okay... that freaks me out, because everybody there has gotten so use to the scary occurrences that it doesn't phase them. What happens if there is a REAL emergency?

BUT the worst part was that she followed up with 'You know... I heard that the fire department won't come in the building if there is a real fire. Not because of the gas and oxygen tanks... but because they don't know where the safes are located.' I NEVER thought about that! If a real fire breaks out... and the floors are burning... the safes will just come crashing through! And I completely understand it... but still, that's nuts!

Now, I don't know if that statement is true... but it did make me decided that I would NEVER set up shop in a jewelers building!

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