Wednesday, November 14, 2007

quick catch up...

okay... somewhat been swamped, somewhat procrastination... but productive procrastination at that!

so... here's the quick version...

(1) whoopi: feeling better, but still sick. the vet thought he had scratched his eyeball, but now whatever he has is spreading to the other eye. so he's using a steroid creme in his eyes to see if it clears whatever it is up... and if not, he will have to go to the doggy eye dr. my poor baby! and because i need to get work done, the boys are currently at my folks house. i'm really sad about it... but my folks are retired and can give the lots and lots of attention!

if you don't know what my whoopi looks like... here he is...

look at those beautiful eyes! it makes me so sad to think something is wrong with them!

(2) work: well, that's coming along. i just rearranged my shop with some book cases and cabinets, so now i feel like it's finally getting settled. i'm currently finishing repairs for a friend and wedding jewelry. BUT i'm debating on turning my giant dogwood earrings into broaches. BUT with the price of gold so high, i'm also debating on scrapping them (which makes me really sad, but i can always use the money!) OR possibly scrapping one and turning the other into a broach. i'm not too sure yet! AND sal is helping me to get the new line of jewelry online this weekend. oh... and 2 of my pieces sold through my friend ilah's shop. yay! at this point, seeing they are on consignment, i feel like it's found money ;)

(3) apartment: this is where my procrastination came into play. when we rented this place, it was painted really dark colors and they past renters painted it white... and they did a horrible horrible job. so i decided to do a couple of touch ups in the kitchen... then i decided that if i painted the base board it would look so much cleaner... then i looked at the utility closet and bathroom door, which where dirty and had holes in it so i patched and painted them... then i once i painted that, the rest of the hall looked dirty, so i painted that too! oh... and a tv stand. PLUS i built an ikea tv stand, an ikea butcher block and an ikea foot locker cabinet. PLUS i hung curtains!

(4) this coming weekend: well... i think i managed to overbook myself. Friday night, my sis and her hubby are coming over for dinner. Saturday day, I'm teaching a private lesson. Saturday night, were having friends over for dinner. UGH! it will be fun... but lots of cooking! PLUS next week is thanksgiving!

(5) health: i've been fighting some kind of a bug or flu... but feeling better on that front. well, i got a migraine today, and my dr wanted me to try a new migraine med. i had been putting it off trying it (because lots of meds just make me even more sick) so i finally broke down and popped one. well, it induced vertigo, made me antsy and gave me a tummy ache. meh. not a big fan. i like the meds that just put me to sleep and i wake up a few hours later and feel better.

i'm sure there are piles and bunches more... but i just can't think of it now! so, more sketches and photos and stuff coming, but i'm just waiting for metal to arrive!

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