Wednesday, November 28, 2007

worth more dead than alive...

well... say goodbye to the ginormous dogwood earrings! they are worth more in the scrap pile than just sitting in the safe. the gold market is nearing an all time high, and it's much higher than when i made these earrings. it's sad to say, but i haven't seen one bit of interest in them. AND most of the time people just say 'they're beautiful, but i couldn't wear them.'

it took me about 2 weeks to finally come to the decision. but just like they teach you in art school, you have to disconnect yourself from your work... and they are just metal. so... that about says it all!

but i'll give it till friday. if ANYBODY knows somebody that would be interested in my monsters, here's where to buy them. and after friday, they will be dismantled and sent to the refiner along with all kinda of other scrap and sweeps (from old jewelry, filings, polishing materials, etc) and bring it all back to life as newly refined (aka RECYCLED) stock!

and if this occurs, the diamond centers will make lovely diamond studs :)

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Lindsey said...

I know these are from last year, but I would like to know if there are anymore pieces similar. These earrings are exactly what I am looking for to wear in my June wedding (Dogwood theme from the invites to my vintage wedding band!) Please tell me there is hope!

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