Friday, November 30, 2007

not quite fine art...

When I was moving I came across all kinds of stuff I completely forgot about... crappy college decorative stuff, junk that belonged to old boyfriends, boxes of papers, ugly dishes (and I've recently put some of it on ebay... and yay, people are buying it! hehehe.) Well, in the throws of going through piles and bunches of crap, I came across this...

I know it's hard to tell... but I'm in that picture! Ugh! Before I became a jeweler, I was a Corporate Art Consultant for a company to remain nameless. But every year for the holiday card, the owner like to recreate a piece of art or copy an artist's style. Any guess who this is? Anybody? Anybody? Bueller?

No... not Cynthia the Plaster Caster! I'm sorry, the answer is George Segal. (If you don't know who Cynthia is... I will give you a link. BUT it is not PG13 by any means... so be aware before you open it. Here... don't blame me if you blush!)

Now... to make this card, FIRST we had to be covered in paster till it hardened. They did section by section... and the Italian artisans giggled when they covered my chest, and made a few crude comments in Italian, not knowing that I could understand them. Then they had to cut us not only out of the plaster, but out of our clothing too. So, here we are, a bunch of coworkers pretty much standing around in our knickers.

But, honestly, this wasn't the worst part. The worst part was, well, a toss up between 2 things. (1.) Having my face covered in plaster with 2 straws shoved up my nose to breath OR (2.) Having to sit with my legs crossed till the plaster hardened, leaving my legs to fall asleep and go from the prickley feeling to completely numb and cold. Lovely.

So, then we brought the life sized versions of us to a T yard to photograph them on the Green Line. E Voila... a crappy looking holiday card to send to all of the clients.

Oh... and if you can't seem to find me... I'm in the first row on seats, on the isle, with my legs crossed. Pretty!

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