Tuesday, March 11, 2008

swirl... part 2

Okay... here's the elaborated swirl...

The swirl would be in platinum. 4 of the diamonds (from the client's grandmother's nose ring) will be kept in their original 18K yellow gold setting and laser welded into the platinum swirls. The rest of the diamonds will be set directly into the swirls. OH... and just remember, this will be the size of a quarter, so there will be much less open (negative) space than in the sketch... I just wanted to make the pattern clear and understandable.

I'll keep you posted on the final design!


The client loves the design. BUT she had a wonderful idea that I didn't even think of! Basically, the plan for this was to have a slight dome and there would be some loops on the back for the chain to slip through to be a slide pendant. Well, the client asked if I could also make a basic pin... so that it can also double as a broach! What a wonderful idea! I am always so delighted to make a multi purpose piece!!!

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