Thursday, August 21, 2008

can't do it all!

Sometimes I really wish I could do everything myself.

Like so many industries, it's virtually impossible to do EVERYTHING yourself. In the jewelry industry, some specialize in stone setting, others casting, enameling, repairs, you get my drift. While I have some knowledge and skill in each of these areas (some more than others) I will never be a master of any of these skills. A master is somebody that has been practicing their one and only skill for years. I will never be a master because, as I have been told many times from older jewelers at the building, I didn't start when I was 9... I'm sorry, we have child labor laws in this country.

Well, another speciality is engraving. I can do basic engraving work (straight lines in metal or random stuff in wax) but nothing really beyond that. So when I have a piece that needs a great deal of attention, I pass it off to an expert. Well, sometimes it takes a few tries to find the right expert!

For my men's China Pattern ring I needed a nice clean engraved line...

But my first attempt at having it engraved turned out like this...

As you can see, it was an unfortunate attempt. The jagged wonky line was just painful.

Ugh... I learn from doing. And at least gold can be remelted. I just wish I could do it all myself!

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