Wednesday, August 06, 2008

where's the love?

So, I've been working on piles and bunches of jobs (as you all know) and as I was cleaning up some castings I noticed something... every one is white metal! Where is the yellow gold? Where's the love for the yellow gold?

Basically, I had pretty much every form of precious white metal (that I use) on my bench today. We have 14K and 18K Palladium White Gold, 14K and 18K Nickel White Gold, Palladium 950, Platinum and last, but not least, Sterling Silver.

Now, I am a Platinum Girl. It's not so much that it's the most expensive, it's the fact that I love how it wears and the gun metal gray and the weight! But I also really adore higher karat yellow gold. Gold is inherently yellow... that's the color it is when it's dug out of the ground... and alloy's have to be added to turn gold white.

But with that being said, white metal is in vogue. The last time yellow gold was in HEAVY rotation in wedding jewelry in the US and other western countries was in the late 80's early 90's. But high karat yellow gold has always be popular in Eastern Countries.

With that being said... I do make the occasional piece of yellow gold gold wedding jewelry. Some of my coolest pieces have been yellow gold! I think we should bring it back!

Okay... all of those pieces are currently in my tumbler (which helps prepare everything for the perfect polish!) So expect more finished photos soon!

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