Thursday, August 21, 2008


Seriously... I don't know what to say about these rings. Are they deco? Are the contemporary? Whatever the hell they are I can guarantee that NOBODY else in this world has wedding jewelry like this!

Do you remember this ring (or 3 rings) I did last fall?

So I just made the matching men's wedding band...

Now, you may question me on how and why I think these match (other than the obvious blue sapphire, yellow diamond and white diamond motif.) Well... lemme explain. The women's wedding bands are two arches that wrap around the center engagement ring... so we created alternating arches engraved out of the men's ring... and 2 of these arches were set with stones (just like the woman's bands.) Get it?

All together I think it's a pretty insane group of rings... and I mean insane in the best way... the most creative way possible!

But, and this is just my personal taste, I love the men's ring without any stones... just clean and simple...

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