Thursday, August 28, 2008

Maori Koru wedding bands

As lots of my clients like to do, these clients wanted to have a symbol in their wedding bands specific to their lives. They had the idea of incorporating a Maori Koru (similar to a fiddle head fern) because they will be honeymooning in New Zealand.

Her band is platinum with the hand engraved Koru pattern...

... while his is palladium with the hand engraved Koru pattern.

Now, we decided on the palladium because it resembles the platinum, but is less in cost. Unfortunately I had NO idea that palladium is a b(*&^ to engrave into. It's honestly like a flipping rock! So, if you notice that her engraving is slightly deeper and wider than his... and that's because of the difficulty engraving into the palladium.

But I like to think everything happens for a reason... because I think the 2 bands look beautiful together! I feel they balance each other so nicely... her's being slightly more feminine and his more clean and simple looking.

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Vanessa Vy said...

that is cool
What do prices range for custom wedding bands?

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