Friday, July 13, 2007

fillin' time...

Well, I'm currently filling my days with the following:

1. Working on the new website, presskits, etc (well... it's not JUST me working on it. It's Sal and Pickett and a host of others waiting in the wings to proof read when we're all done writing.) We're shooting to be dones with all of this by the end of August... let's see if we can stick to this date!

2. Applying for Artist Work/Live Space. To get an artist loft in Boston, you have to become a certified artist through the BRA (hehehe)... the Boston Redevelopment Authority. I need to PROVE (1) that I have formal training (2) I have a new body of work from the past 3 years and (3) I have references to back me up. Well... I have all 3, and I plan to hand off the application next week. BUT there is one small problem. I spoke with them a couple of years ago and whomever it was told me that I am not an artist, I'm a CRAFTSMAN!

I guess it just makes me laugh to think that they are the decision makers on the 'WHAT IS ART' debate that has been going on for years.

3. Working on some wedding bands, wedding earrings (I'll post images later), and some designs FOR MY NEW ONLINE STORE (shhhh... it's still a secret!)

4. Applying for jobs! YES! I need to break down and get a part time job! Ugh! Lowes, here I come!

And piles and bunches of other things too!

Today I am hiding at my family's cottage... and I'm going to the beach. I know, I know... I have so much to do that should be home working. Well, I'm being selfish! hehehe

Soooo... tonight I'll have more sketches on here (wedding earrings) but today I'll enjoy the sun. Don't forget to get a little yourself! Don't want to catch scurvy or rickets.

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