Tuesday, July 10, 2007

wedding designs...

I met with a client tonight to discuss his wedding band (the wifey-to-be picked hers up at Longs to match her engagment ring.) Now, he's pretty cool, so I knew I could suggest rings with a subtle hint of something different (well, he's not the most daring person, so very very subtle! hehehe!)

He decided on the upper center ring. It will be the opposite of a traditional band... it has a slight concave center. Very soft, very comfortable. And when it has a nice high polish, it will have a crazy reflective surface... and it will almost have a liquid like look.

Now... he has the diamond that his father gave his mother and wants a pendant made for his wifey-to-be. So, I came up with all different styles to choose from...

So, we decided that it would be smartest to make the simple pendant (front sketch is on the right side center and the profile is lower left) because she could wear it every day. BUT my cool little twist (because I ALWAYS love to have that hidden little detail) is the profile of the bezel will be the same profile of his ring.

I thought seeing their wedding bands won't match, this may be a nice was to have a faint hint of cohesiveness between his ring and her pendant. And for her, it will be a nice combination of something old and something new.

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