Tuesday, July 24, 2007

side work...

For those of you who don't know... I sometimes do a little mural painting. I don't do it very often (it always messes with my neck... and promises to send me to Sue, the massuse that I highly recommend)... just usually when friends guilt me to paint their children's rooms.

But every once in a while I get roped in by New England Hot Dog Company (if you click on gallery on their site you can see my boys in hot dog costumes that I made for halloween a few years back) to paint in their stores. So, seeing the cash will help pay off some debt, who am I to turn it down!

We always do the same work for each store... Stick figure (yes, you read this correctly) kids with a wiener dog (my addition) with ice cream and hot dogs and good stuff like that. Then the lettering on the bathroom doors... but at childs hight, I paint a little boy on the men's door and a girl on the woman's door (just to keep it amusingly kid friendly.)

The other artwork in the shop will be old sepia tone photos of the town the shop's in, Plymouth. Well, there is this long hallway outside of the bathroom... and I thought it would be a fun tie-in of the old sepia photographs and the child like mural in the 'dog pound' (the childrens counter) to paint images of dancing hot dogs! Think about years ago when you went to the movies... and they had the snacks dancing to the song 'Let's all go to the Lobby!' Wouldn't that be cute!

So... here is my uber quick sketch of what I'm thinking...

But I was joking that I should paint this on the kitchen/office door to keep the little kiddo's out...


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