Saturday, July 14, 2007

wedding earrings...

These are wedding earrings to be complimentary to the 3 stone square a-sym ring.


1 a/b is the simple version. 14K Yellow, Oval elongated hoop, 1/4 carat champagne diamond set in a very heavy bezel (to add some size to the stone.)

2 a/b has the same oval hoop, but it has 3 squares of gold with a row of bead set champagne diamonds running across the bottom of each square. Add a little bit of a dangle and weight to them. It will have that slight Indian chandlier feel to them.

3 a/b is the bling version. This is the uber wedding pair of earrings. Down the front of each hoop is bead set champagne diamonds... scattered in the upper area and becoming more condensed as they travel down. The same square bezel set diamond is at the bottom. And even the bezel can be covered with more champagne diamonds!!! hehehe

4 a/b has a forged pattern to the hoop (to add sparkle to it) and then to make the stone larger, I would set it in a bezel then have a second bezel around that with a space inbetween. This will give it a nice larger size, but keep it airy and light in weight.

Now, lots of these parts can be interchanged. i.e., The forging can go on any hoop (except for the one that the diamonds are set on), etc.

I'll keep you posted on which way we go!

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