Wednesday, July 18, 2007

the visitor in my room...

Okay... so I haven't been sleeping at all lately. It comes down between the two week long migraine I have been fighting and the general stresses of my life (getting a new apartment, the engagement ring I'm working on has to be re-cast for the 3rd time due to pitting in the platinum and all the costs I have incurred in the process, finding a part time job, and a whole host of other things) has been keeping me up nights.

So, last night I decded that I would get a good nights sleep! I broke down and took migraine meds (which I hate taking ANY meds what so ever) and took a nice hot shower. I was in the middle of laying down and writing a new 'TO DO' list (so I wouldn't have things to fret over as I was falling asleep) and I heard this strange buzzing noise. A lifted my head and what do I see...


I screamed like a little girl and ran into my folks room (for those of you who don't know, I moved home to start my busieness... I won't be here much longer, but last night I was thrilled that my dad was in my house!) So, right as I got into my parents room, I realized that I forgot to shut my bedroom door!!! OH CRIKIES!!!

So, my father came upstairs (thinking somebody broke in and was killing me) and found me curled up in a ball on their floor (I didn't want a bat to make a nest in my uber long frizzy curly rats nest that I call my hair!) and my mother was screaming for him to close the door.

OH GOD!!! This is not the relaxing evening that I was looking for!!!

Okay... we all calmed down and thought it through. My father first tried to catch it in a sheet... didn't work. But then it landed on my closet door trim (across the room) so he ran in and grabbed my computer off my bed so I could do Google search for 'how to catch a bat'... this is what I found.

So, my dad was dressed with a sweatshirt, ball cap, fitted bottom sheet over his head and shoulders, another sheet in front of him AND leather gloves on... went to catch the unwelcomed visitor. Hahaha. He tried to capture it in a tupperware, but it was on the fancy trim of my closet door, so he couldn't get a good seal over it. He tried towels, fishing nets, sheets, etc! Nothing worked. So, we just hoped that if we opened the screen to the window, the bat would just fly out.

My father waved a sheet to scare the bat, it started flying again and ran out of the room. All three of us stood on the opposite side of the door... watching through the crack. After a few minutes of it flying around, we didn't see it. Dad went in, and it wasn't hanging on the spot on the closet again. He started poking around with a tennis racket to see if he could find where it landed... and after a couple of minutes of poking around he decided that the bat flew out the window! Yay!

So, I walk in (all calm again) and peek under my bed... nothing. I calm down a little more. Then I hit at my curtains and IN SLOW MOTION I HEARD THE BUZZING NOISE AGAIN AND IT CAME OUT OF THE BACK SIDE OF THE CURTAIN AND FLEW DIRECTLY AT MY FACE! (I AM STILL FREAKING OUT OVER THIS!)

Well, to make this ever so long story a little shorter... we really didn't want to harm the bat, but he had succumb to a dry dust mop. Dad gave it a good swat and stunned it, scooped it up in a towel and threw it out the window. I don't think it survivied. We hated to harm it... but unfortunately, it just wouldn't leave!

OH! AND IT WAS THE BIGGEST BAT I'VE EVER SEEN!!! Ask my folks... they will agree!!!

Needless to say, I didn't sleep last night. I curled up on the couch wih the dogs (because I was NOT about to sleep in that room and they boys will protect me... ha!) And even now (maybe because I'm so exhausted) I keep thinking that it's flying past me... or next to me... or living in my pile of books or my files or my clothes hamper or my underware drawer! I'm having issues today!

So, my mommy made me blueberry pancakes to calm me down. Ha! And she's going to go up there with me later to move all kinds of stuff and clean to make sure there are no others. I know I know, I'm a big baby... BUT IT FLEW RIGHT AT MY FACE!

But at least my folks and I had a few really good laughs over it. And my migraine is gone.

I just need sleep!

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