Monday, June 22, 2009

Let's Match!

While I love making engagement rings, I do love the challenge of attempting to make a wedding band to match/compliment an existing engagement ring. So, I have another 'family' engagement ring to match! Unfortunately, I don't have a photo of it, because I get the feeling that the client doesn't want to be without it. So we're talking about making a nice straight band (not a matching/fitted band.)

The engagement ring is a beautiful Deco-era platinum ring with an approximate 1.5ct European cut diamond flanked by some single cuts. The client was thinking first of a 'bending wheat' pattern with diamonds set in the bend. I also came up with a few other ideas...

They liked the idea of combining the first and second band... the spacing of the first pattern and the 'vine-i-ness' of the second. So this is what I'm thinking...

If we move the diamonds from the leaves to the top of the swirl (shown in red), we could keep it more compact. But... if they want to... we can go all out and have diamonds in both the swirls and the leaves ;)

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