Thursday, October 11, 2007


Okay... so about 2 weeks ago I walked into a jewelery shop on the South Shore. I used to work for this jeweler when I was in school... every Saturday from 10-6 and got paid $25 plus lunch (hahaha... yeah, you really rake in the dough in this industry!)

Anyhoo... when I stopped in the shop to say hello (and to pick up the occasional custom job from him) he got a phone call. It was a client and she wanted to know how her piece was coming along... he answered 'it's being worked on as we speak.' When he hung up, he handed me the envelope and said 'Here, fix this.'

It was HORRIBLE! A 14K Yellow gold cross... with 5 diamonds on it... 5 REALLY BIG DIAMONDS. Seriously, if you put a little pave between the stones, P Diddy would be sporting it. But the stones were set really high in prongs and the cross was really stark and sharp... and the client cried when she saw it! From what I understand, her husband had passed away and she wanted to make a cross out of their wedding bands and set all of the diamonds he had given her. A very sweet idea, if it could have been constructed properly.

So, I dismantled it, carved a new wax to the specified size for the cross, cast it using the metal from her last cross, bezel set the stones (to make them lower and less blingie), and gave it a satin finish (a high polished finish just did not look right.)

It's still not my first choice for a design... but I didn't really have a huge choice in this one. I just like to think that I took something insanely hideous (I wish I had taken pictures of it!) and made it somewhat hip and bohemian.

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