Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Whirlwind trip to NYC!

This past weekend Sal and I had a whirlwind trip in and out of NYC for the wedding of dear friends (and clients.) We left early Sunday morning (go grayhound, hehehe), got into Port Authority and walked over to Sal's brother's new apartment to have lunch with the family (mmm... real NY style pizza!) Then we made our way to the Hilton in midtown, got changed and off to the wedding!

It was on the cruise ship Romantica... and what perfect weather we had!!! The ceremony was up top of the ship and was delightful...

What a lovely couple!

Then we had a nice meal with an amazing band (an all girls jazz band... they were wonderful!) But a something stood out at the wedding... the diversity in guests. The guests ranged from the Swami and many other people from the Yoga Institute of NYC to very powerful political figures. We loved it!

Then, near the end of the evening, Sal and I just happened to walk out on the back of the boat to see this...

We were as close as you can get to the Statue of Liberty by boat (we actually just barely squeezed by the 'restricted' buoy in the water. It was absolutely breathtaking at night.

The whole trip was wonderful... imagine being at a wedding and having views like this...

The next day we met up with a large group from the wedding for brunch. Again, a wonderful mix of people. We sat with a jazz singer, a bureaucrat, and a technical writer... all lovely women. (And I got my lox and bagel, so I was in heaven!)

And to finish off the day, Sal and I took about a 2 mile walk along the park back to the hotel. It was sooo lovely! But to top it off... we saw the couple from Little People Big World going into an antique shop and as we were in a cab, we stopped next to the butt of the Naked Cowboy. Hehehe.. what a way to finish off the weekend!

Okay... I must get back to work! More to come soon!

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Laura said...

hey! this is your bureaucrat tablemate checking in. it was wonderful to meet you at terry's wedding! i really enjoyed getting to know you and sal at the wedding breakfast. i'm sorry - i think i've forgotten

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