Thursday, October 25, 2007

going in for a tune-up

I'll be heading up to Maine this weekend to do fall-like Maine things (I believe a Corn Maze will be involved... maybe some maple syrup eating too!!!) And what a perfect time to drop off my MacBook Pro at the Apple Store for a tune-up!

Ever since I have had my beautiful, wide screened, titanium box (around a year), the power button seemed to be slightly crooked... well, it's now falling into my laptop. And it seems to get oddly warm sometimes. AND it's been making some odd humming noise every once in a while. SOOO... It's time to back her up and hand her off. Hey, I paid for the 3 year extended warranty and I'm going to get every penny out of it!!!

But what does freak me out is who is going to go through all of my stuff. Are they bonded? Have they had a CORI check? Are these dorks going to scour my computer for information to use against me??? Okay, so my life is this dull that I worry about these things! I only wish I had such exciting information on my computer! hehehe

SO... no cranky emails when you see there are no new postings over the weekend. But I expect you all to be back by Monday night!!!

Have a great weekend!

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