Sunday, October 14, 2007


The time has come! I am proud to announce that version 2.0 of Green Spot Studio website is up! Basically, my adorably handsome and talented cohort Sal spent loads of time building the site (in between moving and his consulting job in Arkansas) along with my beautiful graphics from my delightfully talented buddy Paul O'Hearn. I thank them... and owe both of them piles and bunches!

Green Spot Studio has gone GREEN! We are now using recycled metals and fair trade gemstones... but still making the highest quality possible jewelry possible. As a client said, most eco-friendly jewelry is trash glued to trash... so I dare to challenge that stereotype!

AND on our new web version offers an online store! Currently, there are only a few one of a kind pieces on there... but over the next couple of weeks version 2.1 will be running with a whole new line of jewelry. I'll keep you posted every time something new is added! OH! And currently the site works with Modzilla Firefox... some tweaks need to be made with Internet Explorer and Safari for it to be working 100%... but soon enough all the bugs will be worked out.

So, please visit Green Spot Studio and take a peek around... and maybe, just maybe buy something ;) And tell you friends!

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