Monday, October 29, 2007

wow... people really read my blog!

I was shocked when I found out that people actually read my blog... other than friends and family that I pretty much have to pay to do so :) But I got an email from an absolutely lovely woman in need of wedding jewelry... and she found me through my blog! Insanity, I know!

So, we met up today and discussed the designs. We going to use sterling silver and some beautiful warm colored tourmaline briolette beads.

Basically, we focused on a pattern from her wedding dress... played with it a bit and came up with this design for the chandelier earring...

... and this for the necklace. A choker with a handmade chain... but the large pendent will be removable. For this to work, I will have to make that the clasp. I'm still trying to work out the bugs on that one... I'll keep you posted on what I come up with!

The chain will be forged sections of silver wire, in modified 'C' shaped linked... creating an undulating wave pattern. This will help the necklace have some flexibility while remaining stiff (unlike a neckwire.)

And here are the beautifully warm tourmaline briolette. The didn't scan really well, but they just remind me of the amazing colors of the fall leaves!

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