Friday, April 25, 2008

Bumble Rumble!

We have had such a beautiful week here in New England... haven't we? I'm being completely serious... not just my normal sarcastic self.

Well, I'm just a big 'ol plant! I need lots sun to thrive! So, when it's beautiful like this, I like to enjoy my lunch on the back deck. But when I walked out the door, I had a big fat bee dive bombing me! It looked like a big fat bumble bee... but it seemed very territorial and awfully aggressive. I thought it was a mud wasp or a killer bee... but it just seemed way too fat.

I tried a bunch of different techniques to get rid of it... but I never managed to scare it away. The bee just keeps flying back and forth on my deck... never landing... it just flies away every minute or so and is back in about 15 seconds.

There has been many news stories about how bees have been dying off in record numbers... and different theories about how cell phone towers are messing up their radar, etc... and I'm wondering if my fat little bee can't figure out where to go or what to do. Because I don't want to contribute to the decreasing numbers bees, I decided to make a deal with my fat little bee, he doesn't sting me and his demise will not be caused by a rolled up news paper... it seems to be working! So, we hang out. I talk to him as I'm hanging out my laundry and he just buzzes around me. BUT I did realize that he's guarding the deck, because whenever any other insect comes by, he takes 'em down!

I tried to get a few photos of him, so you can see just how HUGE this guy is (he's a fatty) but he is a little camera shy! Here's a blurry one...

This is such an insane neighborhood... first the angry squirrel then the bizarre bee... what's next?

1 comment:

Niel said...

That looks a carpenter bee, mostly harmless though they do like to dig holes in wood.

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