Friday, April 04, 2008

one hell of a day...

Today was just one of those days! I woke up and thought I would be nice to Sal (who flew in last night) and decided to make a frittata for breakfast. Well, if you don't know how to make one, you cook the eggs and filling on the stove top till it starts to firm up, then finish it off in the oven. Well, I put on an oven mitt and pulled the saute pan from the oven and put it on the burner... then I took off the oven mitt to get a plate. Finally, I reached for the saute pan to flip the frittata onto the plate. Wait... what did I forget... oh yeah... AN OVEN MITT!

I picked up a 400 degree metal saute pan with a bare hand. I actually heard a sizzle. Not good. Okay, it's only a minor 1st degree burn (no blisters.) Won't kill me, but it will keep be away from the bench for a couple of days seeing it's my dominant hand.

About an hour later, I had to drive my folks to the airport (they're heading out of town for a wedding and visiting friends.) That means I get my boys back for the week (yay!) Well, my mother forgot to mention that Whoopi hadn't gone, to be blunt, poopies yet today because of the rain. Well, she should have told me BEFORE we left for the airport... because I came back to the apartment with poor Whoopi curled up in a ball and a gift waiting at the door for me. (Sal was on a conference call in his loft, so he had no clue what happened.) It's okay... accidents happen.

So, to make him feel better, I thought we could play for a while. Well, he got so excited that his hard little head slammed into my chin... AND I PUT MY TOOTH THROUGH MY LIP!

Seriously... WHAT THE HELL! I didn't do anything for karma to kick my ass! So, I didn't get any work done (s0rry!) and laid on the couch, trolling Ebay for Deco Tea Pots (I have a dish buying problem) and found this freeking cool Chocolate Pot and cups... it was so going to be mine. Nope... sniped at the last second! Bastards!

All I can say is thank the gods that I kicked Sal's butt in cribbage!

Off to get a good nights sleep and start over again tomorrow!

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