Tuesday, April 01, 2008

pomegranate ring!

i'm working on a design for an engagement ring... and the client mentioned that he and his girlfriend have bought quite a bit of pomegranate artwork. i love the idea of incorporating a pomegranate into the ring. so, i came up with a few quick sketches on how to translate a pom into a ring.

the rings would be made out of 18k red gold with a with a platinum liner (to represent a slice through a pom.) the ring would taper in thickness from the top to the bottom of the shank, and in width from the top to the bottom of the shank.

this version would have a full crown like bezel on the top, representing the blossom om the pom...

and this is a slightly more contemporary version which would have the bloom at the top be represented with a half bezel...

both would be so much fun to make! i'll keep you posted if this is the direction the client wants to head in.

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