Tuesday, June 10, 2008

catching my breath...

Sal and I had a jammed packed weekend! It was wonderful, but I'm still trying to recover from it!

Friday night we met up with our friends Erika and David for dessert (who brought over strawberry rhubarb pie! woo hoo!) and to finalize the designs for their wedding bands. And I must say... they will be insanely cool!

Saturday we sailed up to Marblehead on our friend Chris' Sailboat.

Actually, we ended up motoring up to Marblehead because there was NO wind what so ever! Look at the water behind Sal and I... it's like glass! We did get to sail a bit in Boston Harbor, and that was it. But even tho we really didn't get the chance to sail, we had such a delightful day! Fresh air, sunlight and the ocean... oh, and lots of chatting. Ahhhh.

Chris looks so content. What man wouldn't?

So , we got up to Marblehead around 7 PM and decided to stay for the night. I found an Inn (not quite a B&B... not quite a hotel) that had a cancellation and got a decent price on the flipping HUGE room. Sal and I both wished that we had more time up there... but Sal had a Tee Time with his buddies on Sunday. So, we enjoyed our evening at a local Pub with some friends and food and a band playing lots of Beatles and Paul Simon and the Grateful Dead. I loved it and sang along to EVERY song... Sal just smiled and laughed at me.

Sunday, we got up, had brunch and caught the 441 bus to Wonderland then the Blue Line to the Green Line to the Red Line plus a 10 minute walk, e voila, 2 hours later we were home! But for only 10 minutes to pack Sal up and send him out the in 95 degree heat for a 2 PM Tee Time! Uck!

And right when he returned Sunday evening, he showered up and we met up with a couple of my childhood camp buddies and their significant others. It was delightful catching up... and I look forward to more evenings with them.

And we finished our weekend with passing out on Sunday night, waking up insanely early Monday morning and putting Sal on a 6AM flight back to Arkansas!

And so it goes!

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