Tuesday, June 10, 2008

my squirrely situation...

Ugh. The flipping squirrels in my yard.

I attempted the pepper and chili pepper thing... but the amount that I had to use to keep the squirrels out I started fearing that all of my veggies were going to taste like pepper and be awfully spicy! So, on to Plan B... squirrel proof the planters.

I purchased some metal screen (the kind that is in a screen door) and made little domes over my plants. It is light enough that water and sunlight can easily get into my plants but heavy enough to keep those little monsters out of the planters.

I'm half expecting to come out tomorrow and find a squirrel trapped in my planter, eating away... if that happens, I'll have my camera ready.

For some reason they only like to dig in my long planters (I had to start new lettuce seeds today) but leave my small pots alone, so they are all thriving...

OH! But I do have 13 extra Burpee Bush Cucumber Plants. Pretty much all of my seeds came up. Amazing!

Anybody need one? I guess I'll take 'em to yoga tomorrow morning and see if anybody can give them a good home.

Poor Sal, I warned him that our deck would look like a jungle... I don't think he fully believed me!

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