Wednesday, June 04, 2008

glibby gloggby glubbie

So, a client came to me with a very sweet idea. It's a good friends father (they're like a second family) and he wanted rings for his two daughters.

It all stemmed from a ring he designed years ago for himself in gold with a black star sapphire. Later, when he proposed to his wife, he had one made for her as the engagement ring. Now, he wants one of each of his girls. I think that is such a delightful idea!

The style isn't something I do too often, it's VERY organic, but was a total blast to make!

Unlike the original, I made this from wax. The original version was made from lots of naturally melted pieces of gold and tons of solder. I wanted to avoid all the solder.

Because it is so very organic, all I could do is think of the is the song 'Good Morning Starshine.' It has a section that goes 'glibby globby glubie, libby lobbie lubie, la la la lo lo' and I sang that over and over and over again while I made the ring! Ha! I believe it was originally written for the musical 'Hair' (making it's debut in 1967) but has been preformed by all kinds of people... including the version I attached to this post! Take a peek. It's HORRIBLE! Horribly funny, that is!

Do you know who that is??? Beverly D'Angelo! Mrs. Ellen Griswold... from the vacation movies with Chevy Chase! Hahahaha! Classic!

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kelmurphy said...

The ring is awesome!!!

That will NOT be allowed at karaoke.

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