Thursday, June 05, 2008

cleaned up images...

I finally took some time out and cleaned up the images from the swirly rings and put them on my website. Here the link to the women's set and here is the link to the men's.

Now, when I say I 'clean up' images, it means that I open the image in Photoshop and rubber stamp out dust on the piece or the foreground, finger prints on the polished surfaces, the wax used to hold the ring in a straight standing position, and my reflections on the polished surfaces. Also, I adjust (or try to adjust) the color and the levels so it shows as close to the metal and stone color as possible. Just so you know, I don't alter the piece in a way to make it look better... I don't have that many Photoshop skills.

As a side note, if you are over 18, do a search on YouTube for 'You Suck at Photoshop' and learn a few techniques and laugh your a$$ off in the process (Kelly was the first to introduce me to it.) This is what TIME said about the series...

So who is responsible for the success of the 10-part serial?
The series features a hapless, angry, cuckolded,
mad-Photoshop-skillz-enabled narrator named
Donnie Hoyle and does three things amazingly
well: it gives a terrific overview of some key
Photoshop techniques; it has an oddly compelling
narrative; and it's wildly funny.

Click here to read the whole article.

Okay... back to work!

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