Friday, April 09, 2010

The Green Spot Studio Oscar Challenge Overview

Okay... So I'm sure many of you are a bit confused what the Green Spot Oscar Challenge actually is. I decided the best way to explain was to create an outline. This was to help clarify it for not just everybody else out there but for me too.

So here goes...


- Can a solo jeweler build an ‘Oscar’-worthy piece(s), which are normally built by teams, on a budget, while simultaneously running a small business?


- Build an ‘Oscar’-worthy piece(s) of jewelry (bracelet / earrings)
- 100% designed and fabricated by myself
- Build it in 5-6 months, leaving time for promotion and publicity
- Build it on a budget, since I don’t have unlimited resources (tbd)


- Get as much social media attention as possible (re-tweet, re-post, re-blog, etc)
- See how many different people will wear the piece(s) at different media events
- Get enough media attention to have somebody wear the piece(s) to the Academy Awards.
** If I reach my goals, the piece(s) will be auctioned off and proceeds (minus the cost of materials) will be donated to charity (Red Cross)

In need of:

-Support from social media (moral – not financial) to obtain as much free press as possible

I know, it sounds nice and straight forward! But this will be a long process! So stay tuned and please pass it along!

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Jacqui Pini said... is following the Oscar challenge! We can't wait to see what you come up with :)

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