Thursday, April 15, 2010

OC: Design Concepts

I always like to share the way a mad artist thinks/creates by showing the design process of my small pieces. But I have spent a month scribbling and sketching and laying out my design for my Oscar Challenge. While I do have a final design in mind (75% on paper), I am not going to share it at the moment because, well, it could be copied/knocked off really quickly by a team that builds costume jewelry.

BUT I want to show you where I'm getting my design inspiration from and how it has been transforming over the past month. AND I'll tell you what I'm making.

Okay! You ready?!?!

I'm going to make a 3" cuff bracelet with earrings. The reason being is because very few people wear necklaces at award shows... it detracts from the necklines/bodice of the gowns. You have to find a happy balance between the gown and the jewelry. Just like Coco's simple rule to look in a mirror before you leave the house and take off the accessory you notice the most (which is great advice for most of us!) stylists do the same when dressing clients for any media events. And why not keep that in mind when designing/fabricating. This is how I work with my clients... so even though this is a project for me I will still just treat this as designing for a client.

Anyway, over time I will fill you in more on what they pieces will look like and the materials used, but for now I wanted to show you where my inspiration is coming from. Simply put, raindrops in a puddle.

(Thank you for the example!)

I love the circles and ovals and movement! And the reflective surfaces! OOO! Just delightful! Now, while I am jokingly referring to this as my puddle pattern, it won't look like this in the end. But the joy of being 'artsy' you can sample from all kinds of ideas and make it your own, and that is what I have been working on.

So, I spent a month scribbling and playing and talking my way through taking this pattern and turning it into a design. And this is just some of my process...

I know this probably seems like a big pile of scribbling nonsense, but it's just another form of problem solving.

Keeping checking back to see the progress!

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