Sunday, April 11, 2010

GS: Evil Eye Bracelet

I was asked by a client to make a quick bracelet, simply a silver chain with a blue glass evil eye bead. This isn't quite my forte, but what the hell. But once I got the components, the client thought it was a somewhat simple looking.

So we played around a bit with the design and decided to add a few different elements. One was a sterling silver bezel around the bead, flush set with blue sapphires, purple sapphires and diamonds. We also added in a few silver disks with one sapphire set in each disk. And then to make the stones 'pop' I used a satin finish.

The final product is contemporary with a bit of whimsy.


Druv said...

Nice collection, keep up the good work. Keep bringing more designs into the mix, cant wait to see more of it!

Dev Kumar said...

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